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High quality materials sourced from local farms, butcheries and abattoirs.

10 mm mincer plates producing a coarse consistency-palatable for your pet

Your mince will be packaged in a 454g tub which is freezer friendly & stackable for easy.


Hand packed and rapidly frozen - packed with natural nutrients and goodness

 Meat: offal: moisture


No bulking agents, additives or preservatives 

Best Chicken
   About Chicken is a natural source of calcium and is palatable for all ages. Contents Chicken breast and thigh Palatabilityconsistency is coarse-highly palatable  Oder rating Low  ..
   About Chicken is a natural source of calcium and is palata...
Chicken with bone New
Diced Ox Liver
Diced Liver information here..
Diced Liver information here.....
Pig Heart
Pig Heart..
Pig Heart.....
 Venison information ..
 Venison information .....
Whole Rabbit
Whole Rabbit information..
Whole Rabbit information.....
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The Very Best

Dog Food delivered to your door

freshly prepared and frozen to maintain goodness.