A little extra pots

A little extra pots


 Soon to be launched-watch this space!

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Personalise your pet's food with our little taste pots- you can add or not as you wish.  

You might have a fussy dog  ? Is he older? or have been off colour and you want to help get him back to his old self.

We all know what its like to be under-the-weather or just to have your favourite comfort food...  try personalising his food with our 'little extra pots' which will allow you to make the food just as your dog likes!

High quality materials sourced from local farms, butcheries and abattoirs.

Your little extra pot is a small 50g tub which is freezer friendly & stackable for easy.


Hand packed and rapidly frozen - packed with natural nutrients and goodness

 Meat: offal: moisture


No bulking agents, additives or preservatives 


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The Very Best

Dog Food delivered to your door

freshly prepared and frozen to maintain goodness.