Our Pedigree

First and foremost - enthusiasts


Wild and Premiery Pet Food  is run by individuals who are passionate- established first and foremost through a desire to feed our own animals the best possible diet (visit us at www.dogfoodcompany.co.uk).

We live on a smallholding 10 miles west of Ipswich with our three dogs and one horse. Two of the three dogs currently compete in the sport of Schutzhund and our horse is lightly competed in dressage and jumping.

Our dogs did not blossom on a dry food we took the bold decision to try raw feeding in 2005.  Immediately we noticed the difference; the pups put on more muscle and bone, whilst the adults bulked out on muscle, improved resilience to adversely and rapid recovery from hard exercise.

We wanted the best diet for our animal friends to increase their ability to perform and recover, both mentally and physically.

Inspired we started to sell to customers, gaining confidence built on a good reputation for consistent quality and good personable customer service.


The Importance of a balanced Diet


We believe strongly that dogs should derive the majority of their nutritional requirements from natural foods, ones that they would have come across in the wild.
The saying 'you are what you eat' applies equally to dogs as it does to humans.
A balanced diet is essential in ensuring your dog remains fit and healthy
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